Monday, January 29, 2007

Live With Culture Ads

I have to weigh in on this local debate around the new "Live With Culture" ads that are supposed to be "edgy" and encourage Americans to come to Toronto. Over the past few days, there has been a lot written in articles and blogs about how these ads - by comparing Toronto to places like New York, London, and Paris - perpetuate the idea that Toronto has no identity of its own. I agree that the ads promote that stereotype, but that's not what stood out the most to me.

And wasn't just that they're not edgy, funny, or remotely cool. They're embarrassing.

But worse, each ad features only straight, white couples! Is that representative of this city?! Or do the Live With Culture folks think we should only encourage straight, white couples to visit Toronto?

Is this what happens when the Harper government cuts the funding for promoting Canadian arts and culture outside of Canada?

To any American readers of this blog - we're not as goofy and generic as these ads in your "alternative weeklies" make us out to be! Don't let this ad campaign keep you away from Toronto...


Monday, January 15, 2007

Contraversial Book Marketing Plan

Another potential stab in the heart of indie booksellers?

Then there's this update:

Monday, January 08, 2007

Percocet Really Works!

Well, I thought that I would get a lot of reading done after getting my severely-impacted wisdom teeth out. That has not been the case...

First of all, I did not get them out on Jan. 2, which was my second appointment (first was Dec. 27); moments before my scheduled anaesthesia, the nurse was rushed to the hospital with what may have been a heart attack. I've since learned that she is okay now, and selfishly I suppose it was preferable that she collapsed before my procedure rather than during... So I was rescheduled to a third appointment, which was last Friday.

Yes, my holidays have consisted of eating big pre-surgery meals and then fasting twelve hours ... three times! Probably not great for my digestion.

I have learned that you can dream while under general anaesthesia. While they were tugging out my offending teeth, I dreamed that myself and the four staff memebers were discussing music, and discovered our shared affinity for banjos, and mutual love of John Hiatt. When I came to, I was trying to explain this too them, through my mouth full of bloody gauze, and they smiled agreeably as though they knew just what I was talking about. Which I'm sure they did.

The staff were all really nice, which was important since I was terrified and had procrastinated this procedure for ten years. I don't recommend that strategy - just deal with it - the fear is worse than the reality, and the drugs are good.

Anyway, the point of this post is that Percocet works to dull the throbbing pain in my face, but I can't concentrate very well to read, so I'm behind on the Stacks challenge.

Wow, it has actually been really difficult to type this post. I hope it makes sense. I also hope my face deflates soon, because I look ridiculous. Plus, my jaws hurt and I am getting sick of eating pureed lentils and mashed bananas. I miss solid food! And I miss red wine!

I have enough focus to read blogs though, so thanks to those of you with recent posts (Kate, Stu, JPF, Noisy).

One Percocet is good, two is better.