Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Summer is almost over. I'm not upset though; usually I hate summer. Toronto is hot and smoggy and I get headaches and the headaches make me angry and resentful and sad. But since I got my wisdom teeth plucked out a year or so ago, I don't get the barometric pressure headaches (worst in summer) anymore, so I'm just glad to have had such a great time this season. I went away a lot, so that certainly helped.


Wolfe Island Literary Festival - a great time! If you ever get the opportunity to read there, do it. Otherwise, go be an audience member. It's fun, the readings are stellar, there's music, food, beer, and wonderful surroundings across the water from Kingston.

Camping - Depot Lake, Long Point, Algonquin. I didn't get eaten by a bear! I'm born-again outdoorsy!

Westport/Montreal - a birthday roadtrip that bookended Wolfe Island.

Tottenham Bluegrass Festival - next year, we're going for the whole thing, and bringing a gang of friends.

Chimeras - playing on the Chimeras in the women's hockey league at Rinx. We kicked ass til the playoffs...

Lake Huron - a week at a cottage on the lake. Reading and eating and drinking.

License - finally getting my G1 so I become a fully licensed driver (sigh, again).

Watch How We Walk - getting another chunk of the novel written. I'll kick it into readable shape soon!

Low Lights:

Getting pink eye.
Pink eye coming back.
Not getting into the Exclaim summer hockey league.
Crappy turnout at the Death Vessel show.
Poorly behaved grown-ups at a family gathering.
Torrential rains while camping at Conestogo.

I'm optimistic about the fall. I'm nearly done a first draft of the novel, and I like rewriting, so hopefully I'll get a workable draft done soon. I'm playing in three different hockey leagues this season: the Bill Bolton womens' league, the Chimeras again, and the Screamin' Unyons. Hopefully the tendon issues won't return on my ankles... I also have some good guests coming up on "In Other Words" on CKLN 88.1FM: Jonathan Bennett in September, tba October, and Kyle Buckley in November. That and a lot of craft shows should keep me busy til xmas.

Oh and I'm reading at Ladyfest this year... more details soon.



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